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A depiction of a Venber.

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A race that once inhabited the K class moon of Andal, Venbea.(<? Or go with book version?) Because they existed on a moon of Andal, they were among the first examples of extraterrestrial life found by the Andalites. They melt if expossed to tempetures above 32 F, or 0 degrees Celsius I believe. They're about eight-feet tall, humanoid, with heads shaped like a hammerhead shark with big, dark globs on each side for eyes, and flashes of blood-red and midnight-blue running along their flanks, shoulders, and converging in their faces. They have two thick upper arms growing out of their broad shoulders. The upper arms split at the elbows to make two forearms and they used two of their forearms, one right and one left, to propel themselves forward like ski poles on their ski-like feet. They're also able to use echolocation.


A race or races called the Five hunted down the Venber to near extinction. They melted them and used the liquid for improving the super conducters of their computing systems. The Yeerks had used Venber DNA from a few preserved specimens, and genetically-engineered them with human DNA to make vicious and adaptable hybrids to guard their Arctic Kandrona base. As a Yeerk would freeze to death inside a Venber's head, the Yeerks had microchips put into the head of the new Venbers, making them completely obey the Yeerks.