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The power of The All

(Spoiler Alert)

The All is the being more powerful then Ellimist or Crayak, but it is unclear by how much, or if both Ellimist and Crayak combined could defeat her. She had a head start and therefore she possesses supperior knowlage of the universe to Crayak and Ellimist and thereby, more power. She is the first known entity to have become a being intwined in the fabric of space and time. She banished Crayak from her galaxy. The All is also known as The Mother, The Matriarch, and The Protector. She set down basic rules for the conduct of beings like themselves that were more powerful then your standard lifeforms. Crayak violated those rules, and was banashed from that section of the universe.

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A depiction of The All

Although the All no longer has a corporial form and exists as a being in the fabric of space and time, the All has chosen to remain as and refured to as a female.

Center of the universe by gucken-d2s2uoc

The All, still slightly corporeal, fighting Crayaks forces, and firing a energy beam at Crayaks first planet ship.

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Another depiction of The All