The Rakkan Garroo are quite advanced,and were a major threat to the MW decades before the Yeerk empire was founded. They posses a number of interesting technologys.

Rakkam Garroo TechnologyEdit






Energy weaponsEdit

Disentigrator beamEdit

The RG disentigrator beam fires a stream of concentrated Tiracon particals(a high energy partical) that functions like Dracons or Shredders. In fact these weapons make an excellent stand in for a dracon beam as they often have similar settings available on both weapons. This is no surprise since Tiracon particles are in the same particle "family" as derison particles. These weapons operate by streaming electrical energy into a Tirac crystal causing it to emit a stream of glowing yellow Tiracon particles towards the target. Both handheld,star fighter, and starship based versions of the weapon exist.  Handheld weapons have a range/power output of 150M/1-4KJ. Fighter weapons are rated at 15,000KM/1-5MJ, and starship weapons are rated at 150,000KM/1-500MJ. The most common settings are: pain, pain-2, stun, kill, dematerialize(living tissue), and shoot through steel.

Gravity TechnologyEdit

Ballistic weaponsEdit

Anti-matter missileEdit

Reaction missileEdit

Further technologyEdit