The Kelbrid have had space flight for longer then even the mighty Andalites. Only millenia of civil war has kept them from controlling an even larger portion of the MW. They are equal to the Andalites in almost every field and they have far supperior sensors and scanners, repair capability, and class for class they have better F.T.L then a ship from any younger race and most Andalite ships, using their wormhole drive technology. Their are exceptions, for example an Andalite cruiser can cross a 100 lightyears alot faster then a Kelbrid Stinger fighter, even though the Stinger has a wormhole drive. Its reletive to the amount of power a Kelbrid ship can generate and put into maintaining a wormhole. F.T.L is the Kelbrids primary advantage over their enemys. Another large advantage is their ability to repair themselvs to a limeted degree, like healing hull breaches, growing back sensor arrays, ect. The regeneration is limeted only by how fast the cells regrow, and that is limeted by how much energy is given to them. Some severe wounds cannot be healed without help from a shipyard, and Kelbrid ships are hybreds, they are not entirely organic so not all injurys can heal. The organic nature of some Kelbrid tech can also cause problems. Example, a vulneribility to certan types of radiation.

Kelbrid TechnologyEdit

Power sourcesEdit

Bio-chemical coreEdit

The Kelbrid use organic technology in some of their devices, the bio-chemical core is one of them. It is self repairing and self sustaining as long as it has access to something like, say,solar wind. It can use almost any external energy source, heat,radiation, electricity, ect to produce its chemical catalysts which react with each other to produce a much more potent bio-electrical charge, several hundred times greater, or more. The charge is then refined by converters and used to power various ship systems.

Rubium coreEdit

Rubium is a fissile heavy element used in power generation and weaponry. The Kelbrid Rubium core derives its power from Rubium reactions. The Rubium core is very commenly used throughout the Kelbrid fleet. They are quite stable compared to the M/A reactor, and produce more energy.

Matter/Antimatter reactorEdit

The M/A reactor is used on older Kelbrid ships and stations. It produces energy from antimatter particals being magneticly collided with matter particals. The mutual destruction of the particals produces vast amounts of energy.



Gravitic repulsor finsEdit

Compressed ion acceleration podEdit

Anti-matter annihilation acceleration podEdit

A new form of sublight propulsion that allows matter and anti matter to collide within the pod, then the energy is shunted through and provides propulsion. More expensive then ion pods, but more powerful then less advanced ion pods. New ion pod technologies are hpasing A/M engines out of use.


Z-space driveEdit

Wormhole driveEdit

Far faster then most Z-space drives.


Static structual integrity fieldEdit

Kelbrid ships are laced with Corite/bio electric conductive conduits that can hold a charge for quite some time. The structual integrity fields of Kelbrid ships recquire little energy from the ships power matrix once established, unless put under greater then usuall strain.

Defense shieldsEdit

Kelbrid shields deflect damage away from the ship. They use a mixture of multi layered gravity and repulsor energy fields to do this. Each layer is rapid modulation capable and has a wide variety of frequencys to choose from to make them more effective against differant types of weapon or other negative effect.

Radar shieldEdit

Radar shields are used to absorb all radar and sonar based sensors. The radar shields are partialy physical, from the absorbtion properties of Kelbrid bio-hull, but there is also a low level charged absorbtion field that is kept active at all times except in power emergencies.

Cloaking arrayEdit

Almost all Kelbrid ships are equiped with cloaking technology. Kelbrid cloaks function on a Z-space reflection principle. They keep Kelbrid ships from being detected by most forms of sensor and scanner. Kelbrid tend to keep active scans to a minimum when other ships are nearby, to avoid being detected through their own emissions.


Bio-metalic compound.


Energy weaponsEdit

Kelbrid Pulse cannonEdit

Used primarily for anti fighter/shuttle purposes and missile defense, but they are quite usefull for targeting specific enemy ship systems on ships whos shields are down. Many pulses can drain the shields of larger vessels however. Multiple bio-nuralitic arrays make the pulse weapons super accurate.

Kelbrid BeamEdit

Ion cannon firing-commandnconquer

A Kelbrid defense satellite firing on a enemy vessel. (Not shown)

The Kelbrid beam fires a discharge of accelerated energy and charged ions taken from its powerplant and refined into a highly disruptive beam. It acts like the Shredder or Dracon beam, but Kelbrid beams tend to be more for slicing, cutting or pierceing rather then distentigrating. Enhanced bio-nuralitic targeting sensors make these weapons highly accurate.

Energy Harmonic Disruptor (E.H.D)Edit

Explosive weaponsEdit

Energy mineEdit

Anti matter bombEdit

Causes a uncontrolled matter/antimatter reaction which releases vast amounts of energy.

Psionic bombEdit

The "warhead" of this weapon is a highly advanced brain with telepathic and telekinetic powers. When it "detonates" it realeases all of its psionic potential at once, causeing a wave of destructive psionic energy to be released. Some of its effects include twisting matter into strange shapes and the burning out of enemy minds.

Further technologyEdit

Tractor beamsEdit


Hologram TechnologyEdit