Much of Anati technology is based on backwards engineerd Yeerk technology, but they have made their own twists, forming an independant tech base. Anati technology tends to be "tougher" then the technologys of other races, having more redundancys and commenly made of higher quality materials.

Anati TechnologyEdit

Power sourcesEdit

Fission cellEdit

High grade Urainium or other fissible materials are used in Anati fission cells. They produce energy through the spliting of atomic nuclei. They produce a fare amount of radiation, heat, and waste matter. They are considered insainly primitive by races such as the Andalites, Rakkam Garroo, and Kelbrid.

Cold plasma cellEdit

Anati cold plasma cells hold compressed highly ionized low tempeture plasma. They hold a set amount of energy and are depleted over time. Cold plasma cells are commenly used in hand held devices like weapons and portable scanners. The cold plasma is held in a static stasis field entill energy needs to be extracted. They lose minimal detectable energy over time because of this.

Fusion coreEdit

Based off of Yeerk fusion technology.



Radar disruption fieldEdit

This technology makes radar and sonar based detection systems usless. If any readings are taken at all, all it would look like is a malfunction or a blob.

Navigational deflectorEdit

A field of projected magnetic energy that repells space dust, debris, particles, ect. They are always active except in emergency cases were power needs are desperate. For combat, navigational deflectors are beefed up with more energy and they become the absorbtion shield.

Absorbtion shieldEdit

The Anati absorbtion shield is a "bubble" of magneticly projected and contained ionized plasma energy that surrounds the ship and protects its hull and systems from various threats. It is capable of comparitively limted modulation to better absorb incomming weapons fire or other negative effects. The absorbtion shields magnetic field can deflect space dust, small debris, and limeted amounts of weapons fire away from the shield meaning the shield has slightly less to absorb. As the shield absorbs negative effects, it weakens, allowing "leaks" of energy through that hit the hull. Eventually the shield will collapse completely, leaving the ship vulnerable to attack. Increased power to the magnetic array and plasma emmiters can bolster shield strength, for a time.

Structual integrity fieldEdit

The standered series of force fields used by various races to strengthen hulls.

Cloaking deviceEdit

Based off of more primitvie Yeerk technology then what the Yeerk empire has today, but still effective against the Anati's main enemy, the Lithilians. Also, enless you are specificly scanning for it, the less advanced cloaking device is still effective against Yeerk, Rakkam Garroo and Andalite sensors.



Energy weaponsEdit

Anati plasma cannonEdit

Pulsar Pistol by Mr Jaunty

A handheld Anati plasma pistol.

The Anati plasma cannon fires pulses of accelerated super heated plasma, which do damage based on intense heat and high kinetic energy. They are contained within the fireing barral and directed useing magetics. They are effective against shields, but more effective on hull. Hand sized versions of these weapons are availible.

Ballistic weaponsEdit

Anati plasma missileEdit

The basic missile weapon used by the Anati royal navy. The war head realeases a stored compressed charge of super heated ionized plasma. Anati fighters are more often equiped with these weapons rather then cruisers or battleships. The plasma missile serves mainly as an anti fighter missile.

Anati fusion missleEdit

The fusion missile has replaced the plasma missile as the main missile type weapon used by the Anati royal navy. The fusion missile uses eather a Tritium/Deuterium mix to cause an uncontrolled thermo-nuclear reaction.

Further TechnologyEdit

Holding beamEdit

Anati technology holding beams are magnetically based. Highly intense fields of magnetism are used to hold metalic objects like some spaceship hulls. They incorperated Yeerk inverted repulsor energy fields and Anati holding beams can now hold onto some non magnetic objects.

Hologram technologyEdit

This is based off of what they could extract from Yeerk hologram technology. Anati holograms are usually lower in quality then Yeerk or Andalite hologram technology. In order to be as good as Yeerk or Andalite holograms they recquire larger matrices, more emitters and more energy.

Battle armorEdit

The Anati protect the already thick hides of their heavy combat soldiers with armor made of a ceramic polymer that is highly heat resistant, with Aratone composite reinforcment. It is most effective against thermal and plasma based weaponry. The moderately expensive armor allows the limeted number of Anati soldiers to survive combat longer in most cases.