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Power SourcesEdit

Chemical cellEdit

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Solar collectorEdit

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M/A reactorEdit

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Crystal generatorEdit

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Ion coreEdit

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Quantum power sourceEdit

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Temporal rift tapEdit

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Ships need to move somehow. There are a number of propulsion technologys used by differant species.


Sunlight propulsion refers to the method which a ship employs to move through/around what is called real space. The standard dark void filled with stars we see at night.

Chemical driveEdit

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Fission driveEdit

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Fusion driveEdit

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Anti matter annihilation driveEdit

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Particle driveEdit

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Hyper accelerated particle driveEdit

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Charged ion driveEdit

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Innertialess driveEdit

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Spatial shift driveEdit

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F.T.L stands for "faster then light".

Although races like the Andalites have had it for millenia, there are alot of star systems and phenomanon too explore, so even with being able to travel from one area to another very quickly, it takes centuries to explore a region as vast as a quadrant.

Zero space driveEdit

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Rapid zero space transit drive(RZSTD)Edit

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Wormhole driveEdit

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Spatial fold arrayEdit

See main article- Spatial fold array


The term "shield" is very general, shields can operate on all kinds of differant principles, inlcuding magnetics, gravity, repulsor based energy fields, charged particle shells, and spatial folds. the term shield can also be used to describe a cloak or stealth field. Many shields can adjust and modulate to be more effective against differant effects and weapons resonance frequencys.

Magnetic shieldingEdit

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Ionized magnetic shieldingEdit

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See main article- S.I.F

Static force fieldEdit

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Stealth fieldEdit

Cloaking shieldEdit

Absorbtion shieldEdit

Absorbtion shields are used to protect the ship or station from both weapons fire and naturally negative effects. They absorb the various forms of energy that hits them and disperses it throughout the whole, the dispersal rate and directions vary with differant types of absorbtion shield. A beam impact to the foward shield will still have most of the weapons damage effect that section, with some damage to the port, starboard and aft shields. Absorbtion shields weaken over time, and damage will leak through and cause systems and hull damage.

Deflector shieldEdit

The next step up from absorbtion shields. They have added capabilities, the ability to more effciently disperse energy throughout the whole, and they can deflect a damage percentage away from the shield, lessening the amount of damage they must absorb. Repulsive energy fields, intense megnetics or gravity or a combination are used to accomplish this.

Reflection shieldEdit

The next step up from deflector shields. They are more effcient at directing damage away from the shield itself, and they can usually direct it in the same direction from which it came, making it far less random then a deflection. It rarely reaches the fireing vessel however, but this varys on the power of the shield, the intensity of the weapon and the distance of the fireing ship.


The terms above can apply too absorption, deflector or reflection shielding. Multi/cross/trans-phasic shields have layers of defense that exist in other quantum phases. They are used for protecting against some types of transphasic weaponry and other unusual, non standard weaponry. They are also used to contain or keep dimensional and some non corporial beings out of an area.

Quantum shieldingEdit

A quantum shield is one of the best available to any species, and they have been perfected by few. They recquire an enormous energy expendature to create and maintain. A quantum shield is made up of quantum energy particles. dereived from zero point energy. The prexisting energetic nature of these particles makes standered weapons fire highly ineffective.

Temporal shieldingEdit


Basic platingEdit

Polarized platingEdit

Reactive platingEdit

Dispersive platingEdit

Reflection platingEdit

Ablative platingEdit

Absorbtion platingEdit


Shields are great for protection, but when under attack most races like to return the favor. There are many offensive technologys available for ships to use. There are also hand held versions of most of the weapons listed here which are used for ground combat.

Directed energy weapons.Edit


Laser type weapons are often developed by emerging societys as the first directed energy offensive system. A laser is a beam of highly intense photons that cause heat on impact. They vary in power, but many laser beams have trouble with anything more powerful then magnetic shielding. Dispersive armor and higher quality hull plating also makes lasers highly ineffective.

Radiation Edit

Beams of deadly radiation. They are more effective against crew and life forms then hull or shields, although they can make ships or areas uninhabitible.

Thermal Edit

Beams of pure intense heat, but not plasma. They are the next step up in effectiveness against shields and hull from laser type weapons. They are quite effective against magnetic and ionized magnetic shielding and can usually have some effect against absorbtion shields, but become quite obsolite in when dealing with anything better.

Energy Edit

A very general term. Energy comes in a variety of forms. Some would consider thermal beams in this category. Energy weapons are commenly in use throughout the galaxy. They are reletively simple and effective. The discharges are compossed of eather pulses or beams of energy that has been eather excited, accelerated, made disruptive or a combination of all of these.

Plasma Edit

Plasma weapons are also quite popular, because of there simplicity to make and maintain, and the power to charge/damage ratio. Plasma is super heated ionized (Charged) gas ranging from 5000 degree's F (2760 Celcius) to 200 million degree's F. (111,111,093 Celcius.)

Particle Edit

Particle beams are probably the most popular weapon used by the various space empires. They recquire a more complex technological capacity and more maintanance then some other weapons, but are usually quite effective on all shields up to quantum, as well as reflection plating and sometimes ablative plating. Particle beams fire streams or pulses of hyper kinetic matter/energy particles, often ionized. Protons, neutrons, electrons, ions, derisons, tiracons, and xelions are particles used in various weapons.

Energy weapon yieldsEdit

Special Purpose Weapon Systems by OutFoxedTW

Top to bottom-1-Human high power sniper rifle, a 2-Rakkam Garroo plasma wave thrower, a 3-Norshk scatter rifle, a 4-Andalite high power Shredder rifle, a 5-Hawjabran energy pulse gun, a 6-Conglomeration assault rifle, an 7-Anati hand held plasma cannon, a 8-Yeerk Dracon beam rifle, and a 9-Andalite Shredder sniper rifle with Corite power cell cartridge.

The destructive power of directed energy weapons varys greatly, ranging from bursts small enough to only disentagrate a coin, to very powerful beams that can destroy a country. This section lists the average energy yields per discharge of the weapons equiped on fighters, shuttles, cruisers e.c.t. The effects on DEW's vary. 

Shuttle: 100-500 gigajoules 

Fighter: 1 gigajoule-7.5 terrajoules. 

Gun boats: 1250-2500 terajoules.

Cruiser: 3000-10,000 terajoules.

Battle cruiser: 7500-22,500 terajoules.

Battleship/Dreadnought: 32,000-96,000 terajoules.

Capital ship: 112,000-1,120,000 terajoules.

Ballistic/Missile/Bomb type weaponsEdit

Mass driverEdit

Anti-fighter Edit

Arkon Edit

Nuclear missile (Fission)Edit

Thermo-nuclear missile (Fusion)Edit

Plasma Edit

Ion Edit

Anti-matter Edit

Gravity Edit

Quantum Edit

Kctoionas crystal projectileEdit

Adaptive phase attachmentEdit

The A.P.A device if often used on missiles heading for a vessel with sophisticated, powerful shields. It has multiple functions, one is to relay sensor information about the shield to its firing ship or base, allowing the scientists and computers to analyize the shield for weaknesses. Another function is more direct, it scans the shield as it approach's and modulates its detonation energy to be as effective as it can against the said shield. This function is often used after/in conjunction with the first.

Rotating phase attachmentEdit

This device shifts the quantum phase of the missile or bomb so that it can pass through shields, armor and other defenses. e.w systems can still effect the targeting sensors of the missile however, even if it is phased.

Other WeaponsEdit

Bio weapons.Edit

Prion virusEdit

Quantum virusEdit

Further TechnologyEdit

Z-space heat sink 

 Excess heat is always a problem on space vessels and stations, heat radiators are quite vulnerble to weapons fire and inefficient. One of the first Z-space technologies developed by ftl cultures is the Z-space heat sink, a Z-space pull for excess heat. 


Gleet bio-filterEdit

Hunter killer robotEdit

Hunter Killer Robots are spherical in shape and are the size of beach balls. Their only weak spot is their optical lens.

Hologram TechnologyEdit

Tractor beamsEdit

Also called holding beams or restraining beams. They can operate on various principles, including magnetics, inversed repulsor energy, and gravity. They are used to grab, hold, or even repel objects


A Skrit'Na vessel abducts a Cow using a holding beam.



An Andalite teleportation matrix. You can see the forming Z-space tunnel.

Few races currently possess this advanced technology. There purpose is to move matter from one location to another with out walking or shuttles. They operate through Z-space. Most use a combination of Z-space window technology with Z-space shift technology and then moving the object or person through to the new target location. They can be blocked by some shields, some cloaking systems, and e.w systems. They recquire fair amounts of energy to operate. Ranges vary from as little as 10 meters to thousands of kilometers. Races in possession of this technology include-The Andalites, Kelbrid, Kctoionas, Coranzat, and to a limited extent, the Conglomeration. Teleporters can give the races who have them huge advantages.