Species Overview

Homeworld: Norsha

Home system: Norshak

Home galaxy: Milky Way

Current population: 864,567 estimated on Norsha and Dosara. Around 350,000 others spread about.

Primary language: Norshk and Galard

Major planets: Norsha, Dosara, and Boronat.

Affiliation: Norshk pirates, other pirates, Boronites.

Current status: Thriving space civilization


The Norshk race is often accused of piracy by their neighbors. They have few friends, but are feared by many. They posses a sizable space fleet despite only controlling(Directly) three planets. Norshk ships have been flying around space for close to a millenia. The Andalites, Hawjabrans, Skrit'Na and Ongachics were their first contacts. Being an aggressive, obnoxous, violent race, each contact involved weapons fire. They raided the ships of each race except the Andalite ship. They soon learned that attacking the Andalites was a mistake, and it cost them 32 raiding ships and 5000 Norshk lives, with an estimated 3 Andalite ships lost and 120 Andalite warrior casualties. The Norshk have been wary of the Andalites since then, only attacking when they are sure they can win and/or get away with it.

The Norshk have an alliance with the Boronites, who live in a system close to Norsha. The Boronites are like Moles or Shrews combined with Ground Hogs. They are excellent diggers. In exchange for technology and relative freedom, the Boronites serve the Norshk. They function as miners for ores and crystals, under ground builders, and commenely as officers on Norshk ships.

Races the Norshk raid include: Anyone they think they can beat and has a good cargo. The Norshk of Norsha are far less aggresive then the free lance pirate cartels, which are spread all around, even close to the Kelbrid/Solinar border. The pirate cartels are made up mostely of Norshk, but other races are included.


Apperance wise, the Norshk are humanoid. Two arms, two legs, one head, a tail.

They have six eyes, even though most races only notice four. Four are around were they "should be" , and two extra ones down by their mouth/nose, which is one combined organ. The mouth is Humanlike, but verticle instead of horizontal, with a ring of sharp teeth, and one nostril is at the top, and the other is on the bottom. The extra eyes are on eather side, and look like black dots.

Thier arms and legs are longer then Human arms, and stronger. Their tail is between 2 and three feet long, and prehensile.

Their skin is dark forest green or charcoal colord, with thick, almost armor like calluses all over their bodys.

They also possess back up's for every organ in their body, except the brain, meaning it is best to go for a head shot or full disentagration to kill them.