An ancient Lithilian ancestor

The Lithilians were the first race the Anati encountered when they discovered Z-space technology. The Lithilians are an aggressive predatory amphibion race, and the Anati are an aggressive predatory reptilian race. War was inevitable. They have been fighting off and on for around 300 years. There will be peace for a while, then a border violation will start up a conflict. Although inferior technologicaly, the Lithilians breed much faster then Anati and this has helped to keep them in the game.


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Modern day Lithilians

Lithilians can live easily on land or in water. They will eat any living thing they can fit into their mouths, and although they have no teeth they possess powerful jaws, 800-2000 P.S.I jaws. Their eyes are designed to track fast moving prey, and they have tongue that ranges from three feet to six feet long. Their skin can excrete a deadly poison. They live for up to five hundred years, and grow slowly for most of that time. The oldest Lithilians are the size of a mini van.