Species Overview

Homeworld: Kelbadar

Home system: Kelorus

Home galaxy: Milkyway

Current population: Roughly 30 billion, estimated.

Primary langauge: Kelbrid

Fur/skin tone: Brown/grey or redish carapaces

Major planets: Kelbadar, Lyvestria, Mianta , Cah'lahan, Borin'ata, Telak'sina.

Affiliation: Kelbrid empire. Lyvestrian and other slaves.

Current status: Interstellar empire, major threat.


Space pirate

A Kelbrid warrior

The Kelbrid have 100,000 Earth years of recorded history, with tales of great battles between primitive ancient colonys belonging to differant Queens. Weapons used in those battles were mostly the natural weapons of the Kelbrid, but weapons of wood, Flint, Obsidian, and bone/carapace were also used. The battles were vicious blood baths. For millenia the Kelbrid savaged each other, nearly destroying Kelbadar when they developed Nuclear and biological weapons.

Around 21,000 years B.C several Kelbrid colonys were pushed to develope basic space flight capabilities.


A Kelbrid asteroid ship

They began exploring their own system. Overtime, the Kelbrid learned to take asteroids, hollow them out and turn them into multi generational space ships. They launched dozens of these vessels, each carrying a colony of Kelbrid. It took centuries but they reached other worlds. The first species encounterd by a starving Kelbrid colony that had been traveling for many years was the Mianta, the Kelbrid proceded to eat the Mianta space colony and take their technology, which included Z-space drives.

It did not take long for that Kelbrid colony to become the dominant colony. They loosely united all the Kelbrid colonys under their rule, forming the first Kelbrid empire. They went to war with the Mianta and conquered them. They proceded to expand throughout space, conquering all species they encounterd. Through sheer numbers and viciousness they were an extremely formidable race. They developed the technology that they gatherd from various species into their own unique technologies, among them hybrid devices, made of both organic and technological components. By 18,000 B.C their technology was their own. Few species they encounterd after that had more advanced technology then what they possessed.

The first Kelbrid empire lasted till 16,000 B.C, it solidified its power over its subject planets and began the construction of more war fleets. Then the ruling Monarchy was overthrown by an ambitious Kelbrid Queen named Modillimar. She formed the second empire. Only two Earth years later Modillimar was killed by Weeping wing, a disease that only effects Insects. Her succesor, Millidia, was not as strong willed as Modillimar and lacked Modillimars tactical sense. Subject races, including the Lyvestrians and the Xeroy , rebelled and started the first Freedom war. Unhappy members of the Monarchy took advantage of her distraction to sow dissent and plot against Millidia. Millidia and her consort lord Keato, quelled the uprisings, and the instagators, the Xeroy were exterminated. Then Millidia and Keato were assainated three days after the end of the "Freedom war" by members of the Kelbrid ruling monarchy. Millidia had spawned no Royal Kelbrid to be her heir, so the second Kelbrid empire was thrown into its first civil war as would be succesors slaughterd each other. It lasted untill 14,700 B.C. The war had severly weakened the empire, and a race called the Goramarasu, who had been watching, invaided. The surviving Kelbrid colonies were forced to band together to defeat the Goramarasu. The Kelbrid/Goramarasu war lasted untill 14,608 B.C. The Goramarasu were defeated, and driven out of this galactic sector.

The scatterd remains of the second Kelbrid empire were united by 13,000 B.C under one Queen, Xillaralel, who posseessed both charisma, intelligance and formidable telepathic talants. The Xillaralel dynasty formed the third Kelbrid empire. She layed down laws and guidelines still used by the Kelbrid today. Most of those being rules of engagement between colonies. The purpose of the rules was to stabilize the Kelbrid, something that was sorely needed. I quote-" Sisters, Brothers, Drones, we must remember that we are all Kelbrid, we are all from Kelbadar, we are one. The desent of the past canot continue if we are to attain our destiny as rulers of the universe. We must strive towards our goal united". The third Kelbrid empire was the most united of any grouping of Kelbrid before it, and it aggressively expanded back into the galaxy. They fortified, refortified, and triple fortified their territory, digging in as hard as they could. 70% of all industrial capacity went towards military expendatures. It was the beginning of a golden age. Sadly, good things do not tend to last. The third Kelbrid empire fell, not to civil war, unrest, or outside attack. It fell to something the Kelbrid had not prepared for. A massive outbreak of the dreaded disease, Weeping wing, spread through the population like grapevine gossip. By 10,000 B.C the third empire was gone. The reletively few survivors were unable to hold the empires vast boarders, and they retreated back into the core systems.

The forth Kelbrid empire was controlled by the Yillamtar dynasty. It was perhaps the least interesting of the empires, all its focus went into reinhabiting the fortresses and ships left behind because there were not enough Kelbrid to effectivley man them. Around 8000 B.C, four minor dynastys had formed besides the Yillamtar dynasty. The Morab dynasty, the Killamdar dynasty, the Zorella dynasty and the Xillaralel dynesty, who claim to be direct descendants of the great Queen Xillaralel. The combined territory and power of these 5 dynastys barely matched the late third empire. When relations between the dynastys broke down, another civil war seemed inevitible. However, because of the influance of the Xillaralel dynasty, it was only a cold war. The cold war limted Kelbrid expansion to a slow crawl. By 7000 B.C the cold war between five dynastys had turned into a useless stand off. Large amounts of resources were being shoveled into boarder defence between each dynasty. The Xillaralel dynasty suggested that treatys be signed between each dynasty. The treaties stated the limetations of the numbers of ships, troops, weapons, and fortifications that each dynasty could put on a boarder conected to an opposing dynasty. The numbers were the same to each dynasty, and seeing the fairness of the this the other dyanstys signed. This freed up massive amounts of resources for expansion. The Differant Kelbrid empires expanded individualy.

5500 B.C they encounterd a force called the Silbanon multitude. The war with the Silbanon was the most bloody and difficult war with an outside species the Kelbrid had yet to fight. The Silbanon were like the Huns or the Mongols of Earth, nomadic conquerers with no concept of mercy. They attacked with everything they had, and there was no warning, the ununited, unprepared empires lost ground rapidly. Technologically, they almost matched the Kelbrid. Although they did not out number the Kelbrid race to race, their fleet was far larger, consisting of thousands of small ships. They did not use resources on settling planets, their entire civilization existed on ships. Down to this day if you mention the Silbanon multitude it produces a visible nervous reaction in many Kelbrid. It was this war that made the most impact on Kelbrid tactics, as well as their weapon and ship designs. It was during this time of chaos that Kelbrid Montarchs (Priests) cried out for aid from the gods. That telepathic cry did not go unheard. An entity who calls himself the One responded. He arrived in a highly advanced space vessel with a few dozen sevant life forms.

The One was a savior in the view of many Kelbrid. He used vast knowlage, understanding and power united the empires and led them to victory. The One formed the fifth Kelbrid empire. He improved their technology, mostly in the area of F.T.L. He gave them Wormhole drive, a technology capable of moving Kelbrid ships much faster then most Z-space drives. Using this advantage they were able to out manuever the Silbanon fleet and nullify the enemies main advantage. Victory was achieved by 5334 B.C. The Silbanon were hunted to extinction.

The One spent much time solidifying his power. He sent Aourakk ambassadors, representing the Kelbrid empire, to make treaties with various major species, including the Andalites, Rakkam Garroo, Coranzat, and the ancient and powerful Kctoionas. He also put an end to the Kelbrids policy of eating most of the population of a conquerd race. Several other races in whome the One saw potential now serve the Kelbrid empire as close allies. The mostly barren area of space between the Andalite people and the Kelbrid empire is known as the "border realm". The One set himself above the Queens of the dynesties and worked to form a permanant bond between the empires. Any dissent was sought out and immediately eliminated. He built up the Kelbrid, fortified every planet, constructed thousands of Z-space defense grids, and when the empire was succure, he allowed the Kelbrid to continue their expansion, but far more slowly then before, with more caution.

The fifth Kelbrid empire is a major threat to galactic peace. It is a collection of the insectoid Kelbrid themselves and several allied species who have their own names but are sometimes refered to as "Kelbrid". They are far more numerous then even the Human race, possessing over four times the population of Earth. They are also much more formidable in combat then a Human. A third of their population consists of warriors, and all other Kelbrid are more then combat capable. They are also quite advanced, they possess many technologies rivaling Andalite enginuity.

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A Kelbrid worker

The original and dominant Kelbrid race is insectoid in origin. They are individuals, but are all linked with a hive mind.

They all have tough exoskelitons, but warriors have the strongest, they have chiton stronger then steel, making it hard for Hork-Bajir and Andalite blades to injure their armored sections with just one or two swings. All Kelbrid have hard chiton blades, and warriors have multiple blades, including hidden dagger like spikes. They also possess a venomous bite and an acid sting. Their reflexes are at least as fast as a Hork'Bajirs.

All Kelbrid are highly adaptable to differant enviroments. Most Kelbrid can live under water for much longer periods of time then Humans or Andalites. They can also live in the vacuum of space for 10-16 minutes. Radiation does not effect them like it does other sentients, like Andalites. Their sensory antenas can detect the slightest sound vibrations and scents, as well as thermal signetures.

Kelbrid bio-engineering allows each type of Kelbrid to be even more specialized for various tasks.

Types of Kelbrid.Edit

  • Worker
  • Warrior
  • Drone
  • Psionic
  • Commander
  • Coordinaters
  • Royal

As seen in the image, the Kelbrid worker has a tool attached to his right arm, and a blade smaller then a warriors blade on his left. Kelbrid workers Build things, maintain and repair things, and collect resources. They are capable of fighting with great skill, but they are not specialized like warriors.

Kelbrid drones are even more mass produced then warriors, workers, or Commanders. Drones are used as fighter pilots and foward assault troops for boarding actions or ground warfare when heavy resistance and casualties are expected. (Meat shields)

Kelbrid psionics are powerful telepaths/telekinetics. They were engineered by The One.

Alien Yojimbo Stormtrooper 02 by KomicKarl

A illustration of a Kelbrid commander. (Drawing by KomicKarl of Deviant art.)

Commanders possess a larger, more sophisticated brain then workers or warriors, good for strategic planning. They are often sent into the fray with Kelbrid warriors and are at the head of various frontline operations.

Coordinaters are just below Royals, they are considered less important and therefore can be used near or even in the front line of battle. They use their telepathy to help Kelbrid fighters and ships fight as a unit, and they make Kelbrid forces much more effective.

Royals are the all high leaders of Kelbrid society, just under the One. They possess supperior mental capacity and special psionic talents. Their all ready powerful talents were enhanced by The One.

Other species allied to the Kelbrid empire.Edit

The Aourakk.

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