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A Trader Iskoort (Left) and a War maker Iskoort (right)

The Iskoort are a strange race, some devote their lives entirely to trading, others to buying, others to selling, manufacturing, war making, stealing, mysticism, gossip ect all of which are considerd careers on their homeworld. The most intesting thing about the Iskoort is that they are actully two races. The Yoorts were a parisitic, like the Yeerks, and they lived off Kandrona Rays as well. But, unlike the Yeerks, the Yoorts, instead of inslaving other species, created a host that can't live without them, the Isk, and, to make sure Yoorts wouldn't attack other races again, the Yoorts genetically modified themselves so the Yoorts can't live with out Isk. The Iskoort are a part of The Conglomeration, a small collection of worlds based on industry and expansionism.

(I have moved them to the Milky Way galaxy. I may move them back.)