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Two examples of Humans. Male on the left, Female on the right.

Species Overview

Homeworld: Earth (Terra)

Home system: Solar System

Home galaxy: Milky way

Current population: 7 billion+

Primary languages: Primarily English, but there are many.

Fur/skin tone: Tan, white, brown, yellowish, reddish.

Major planets: Earth, Mars, Proxima 3, Proxima 4, Sirius 5.

Affiliation: Human confederacy, Andalite people.

Current status: Fast growing stellar power.


Human civilization is thought to have began around 8000 B.C., but cave paintings and artifacts date back hundreds of thousands of years. Human history is full of conflict and war, with a constant state of warfare as far as their records go. However, there is no archeological evidence for war prior to 10,000 years ago, which suggests that the development of warfare came in tandem with the development of agriculture.  They almost annihilated themselves, but have now been given superior goals. Expansion into space. They are allies of the Andalite people.

20061031 neander

A primitive Human ancestor.


"Humans are relatively simple physiologically. They possess almost no natural weapons, thin soft skin, minimal redundancies, are slow, and have no sense of smell to speak of. Their only truly impressive organ is their large brain. Yet they have conquered a very harsh world. They are a mystery of the Universe. They are warriors, philosophers, thinkers, dreamers, inventors, enslavers, peacemakers and lovers. They are one of the most indepth races of the MW." High War prince Jaham-Estalan-Forlan.

Besides their brain capacity and dexterious hands, the Human sense of taste is their next best ability. Andalites are envious of the Human sense of taste.