Animorphs Races Howlers by Monster Man 08

A lucky survivors description of a Howler.

Howlers are creatures made by Crayak, they were designed to kill.

Species Overview

Homeworld: Unknown

Home system: Unknown

Home galaxy: Unknown

Current population: Several million

Primary language: Mind link, and various langauges.

Major planets: Unknown

Affiliation: Howlers, Crayak

Current status: Unknown


They were created by Crayak is living weapons. They have wiped out several races including the Pemalites .


The Howlers were designed by Crayak to be weapons. Specifically, weapons for destroying sentient beings. They are much stronger then they appear, a kick from one can knock back a Siberian Tiger. They regenerate at a remarkable rate, one grew back its entire hand in seconds. They have a number of natural weapons at their disposal, including razzor sharp retractible claws that come from their wrists, hard, sharp nails on their feet and hands, and needle like poison fangs that deliver several powerful toxins, including nueral toxins and apitoxins.

Their greatest weapon, for which they are named, is their howl. The sonic vibrations of the howl have been specifically tuned to cause pain and damage to sentient brains, the more sophisticated the brain, the more pain and damage is suffered. The howl also effects sun senttient brains however.

Howlers also carry a number of technological weapons, such as particle guns, fletchett launchers, ornate knives, swords, grenaids, gas weapons and biological weapons.