Animorphs Races Hawjabran by Monster Man 08

A depiction of a member of the Hawjabran race.

Species Overview

Homeworld: Hawjabran

Home system: Hawjabrar

Home galaxy: Milky Way

Current population: 5 million

Primary language: Galard

Major planets: Hawjabran, Hewbadar, Ocaliar, Hawbilia.

Affiliation: Hawjabrans

Current status: Thriving civilization


The Hawjabran have been a space faring race for millenia as is shown by evidence on various worlds throughout the quadrant, not as long as the Andalites however. They are one of the more advanced minor races.

The Hawjabran consortium builds many of the freighters, transports, and personal craft used throughout this galactic quadrant. They also control several major shiping lines for ore, refined metal, food stuffs, cybernetic devices, and Tritium/Deuterium fuel. The Yeerk empire has used stolen Hawjabran cybernetic technology on several occasions.

They are not a warlike or militaristic, and they have no warships, but Hawjabran ships tend to be armed. The Hawjabrans do fight the Yeerks if provoked or if their territory is violated.

The Hawjabran consortium has had conflicts with the Conglomeration, and still compete with them for trade and contracts. The Hawjabrans are far more honerable then the Conglomeration.


The Hawjabrans possess one of most unusual anatomies of any race in the sector. Their most outstanding feature is that their brains are spread through out their bodies in a series of nodes. This made the Yeerk empire say they are a class 1 species, because they cannot infest them.