Crayak, Omnipotent Villain from KA Applegate's Animorphs Series, Artist's Modification of an Eye

The Eye of Crayak

Crayak is an ancient and very powerful entity from outside the Milkyway. He was driven from that galaxy by an entity even more powerful then himself, The All. He eventually reached another galaxy.

He built his great planet ship, then wandered the stars for hundreds of millenia, Traveling from galaxy to galaxy in his great planet ship, obsessed with gathering information, technology, and genetic samples from thousands of species. His goal, to become powerful enough to destroy the entity that had drivin him from his galaxy.

He started testing each of the species with games he designed to see if they were worthy of survival. Few survived Crayaks tests. Eventually he dicided that only supreme races should be allowed to exist, and he engineerd soldiers called Slashers. (predating the Howlers) He sent them out into the stars in ships he built, and used the Slashers to test and exterminate other species he found unworthy. If the race drove off the Slashers, Crayak himself would test them. If they passed (few did) he would let them live, forcing the survivors of each species fighting each other for dominance untill one prevailed, and then he would take genetic samples from those who passed the test. He did this to at least a half dozen galaxys, few races at that time could fight off his slashers and planet ship. One of the few that did were the Kctoionas, ancient beings of energy and crystal. The races that were not wiped out hid from Crayak or ran from their galaxy.

Crayaks goal was once that there be only one dominant species in the universe, and he wanted to rule that species. He also wanted to continue his study of the space time fabric and control the very laws of nature, then destroy the entity that drove him from his galaxy. His current goals are unknown, but it is unlikely they have changed.

Around 70 million B.C Crayak arrived in the Milkyway. He had accquired information about Ellimist from some intergalactic space explorers he had captured. He decided that Ellimist would make a great opponent in one of his games. They fought for millenia, untill Crayak lured Ellimist into what he thought was an inescapable trap. Ellimist jumped out of Z-space rite into a Quantum singularity. (black hole) Somehow, when Ellimist was in three places at once, Z-space, normal space, and the event horizen of the singularity, it stretched his super advanced consciousness and bound him into the fabric of space time. He became a powerful entity. It did not take Crayak long to follow.

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