Animorphs Races Pemalite Chee by Monster Man 08

A Pemalite scientist(left) and a prototype basic Chee android(right). Notice that they both look similar.

Species Overview

Home world: Pemlar.

Home system: ?.

Home galaxy: Milky Way.

Current population: Unknown, perhaps a thousand.

Primary language: Language data base/translation matrix.

Major planets: Non.

Affiliation: Dogs, Humans.

Current status: Alive, but somewhat static.


The Chee are androids created by the Pemalites. They were desined as toys, but developed into sentient beings. The Chee continue to help Earth as best they can, working in secret, watching for threats. They warn the Animorphs elite force if they find anything.


They were designed for a gravity 4 times stronger then Earths, and are extreamly strong and fast. Faster then even Andalite eyes can track, and they can hold a Grizzly bear in a full nelson with no strain. They can pick up rocks weighing in excess of a ton with no strain and rip steel apart.

Erek the chee by praxcrown5-d33v2jj

The most sophisticated Chee android type.

Erek art study color by praxcrown5-d34k6yd


They are made from an Ablative/conductive Aratone polycarbide with small amounts of Ferrishite composite reinforment in key locations. They are capable of surviving multiple hits from a hand Dracon set on max depending on were the beams hit. Two Dracon beams at one time will cause more damage then one Dracon fired once, then again. They also possess advanced and sophisticated holographic projection technology and mid level force field generators.

250px-Chee 10

A look through a Chee androids hologram.