Animorphs Races Capasin by Monster Man 08

A rendering of a Capasin, copied from cave drawings on a dead world that were millions of years old.

Species Overview

Homeworld: Capasin

Home system: Unknown

Home galaxy: Milky way

Current population: Unknown

Primary language: Capasin

Fur/skin tone: Slimy green, blue, or grey

Major planets: Capasin, Capsapar, Squill.

Affiliation: Capasin

Current status: Unkown


The Capasin had established a powerful militaristic protectorate with sensor sattilites covering over a hundred inhabited worlds and having a sphere of political influance even larger then that. They were a major power in the MW around 65-100 million years ago. They operated from their homeworld and two other major planets. All three planets and the moons of those planets were involved in the construction of ships and weapons, as well as the training of troops. They were very aggressive and would attack if they felt at all threatened or if another species offended them in some way. Although their intentions were noble, they went about it the wrong way many a time. They reacted on first impressions only and always with violence. They did destroy around a dozen evil races, but they also annihilated many races because of misunderstandings. One of those races was the Ketrans.

The Capasans think differently then other races. They have a very hard time understanding the concept of a game, and their narrow, rigid thought patterns mean they usually respond with violence, and at the slightest provocation. They are very easy to irritate.

The Capasin protecterate lost 52 ships and around 10,000+ personel to Crayak when he set up his asteroid challenge for Ellimist in their home system. They had all attacked Crayak, who they knew was a threat. Those 52 ships were the entire defence force of their home system. By the time reinforcments had arrived from a battle with a race called the Zoasabans, Crayak and Ellimist were gone.


The Capasins are a cepholopodic race, similer to the Squid or octopuses of Earths oceans. They have green, blue or grey skin that is always coated with a slimy protective membrain. They have two volly ball sized blue eyes, a large razzor sharp beak over a mouth capable of expanding to almost unbelievible size. Their body is smaller then their massive head and consists mostly of a stomach. They have between 8-12 tenticles that are pure elastic muscle with nerves and coverd with skin.