Species Overview

ANIMORPHS RACES Arn Chadoo by Zimonini

A Male Arn, Left, and a Chadoo, right.

Homeworld: Arn/Hork'Bajir homeworld

Home system: Unknown

Home galaxy: Milkyway

Current population: Only one known Arn remains.

Primary language: Arn

Fur/skin tone: Brightly colored feathers

Affiliation: Arn

Current status: Critically Endangerd


The Arn were a race of advanced bio engineers and possessed powerful, advanced computers, but in other technological fields they had almost no skill. When they learned an asteroid was going to impact their world, they managed to build some crude sublight vessels equipped with bio-stasis technology. On one of the dead moons they waited in stasis, for the asteroid to hit. Once automated computers linked to basic sensors determened that had happened, the Arn were awoken and they set to repairing the damage done to their world.

They had to rebuild the biosphere as best they could. Their three most prominent actions are as follows. To balance the atmosphere the giant trees native to the Arn planet were seeded. To tend the trees they created the Hork-Bajir. They then created a number of monsterous life forms to keep the Hork-Bajir from entering the deep valleys were they resettled after what they dubbed the great catastrophe.