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Hello people, I know I am a little late in making this wiki, because the Animorphs craze mostly died out years ago, but what's the harm? The purpose of this wiki is to be a fan wiki, where lovers of the Animorphs universe can express their ideas and build on the awesome universe made up by K.A Applegate. We will have ties to Seerowpedia, the official Animorphs wiki so that we do not have to put alot of canon info on this site, we can just go to Seerowpedia.


I, Gormagon 17:18, July 14, 2011 (UTC) nor any contributors to this site own or created any part of the Animorphs franchise built by K.A. Applegate and her Ghost writers. Some of our images have been helpfully provided by users of sites such as Deviant art, and were not created by myself or other contributors. I would ask for the continued use of the images for this site, as they spice it up quite a bit, and I would like to thank the many artists, photographers, and designers of the images. A special thanks go's to Monster-Man-08 and Praxcrown5 from Deviant art for the many Animorphs alien pictures. If any other artist would like to be put on our bold list of image contributors they may request it. We are willing to give credit were it is due.

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There will be deviations from a few of K.A Applegates writings, for example her light-years were quite inconsistent. Although not really that important in the series as most of the events took place on lil'ol Earth, On this site they are far more important. Some examples, Ax stated that the Andalite home world " was 82 light-years from Earth", yet in another book, Ax's Z-space signle "found its way through the galaxies" to the Andalite home world. Another example, sometimes it seems that the Hork-Bajir homeworld is in the Milky Way, but the Animorphs had to travel to another galaxy to get too it. Click here for general discussion about this subject. Comments are welcome!

Possible subjects include..

These are all our standard categories that currently exist.

  • Aliens-Add or build on Animorphs races, list their home-world, type of race, Reptilian, Avian, Primate, Icthyoid (fish) ect.
  • Locations-Add or build on Animorphs planets, cities, ecosystem, resources, ect. Add other things, moons, asteroid belts, nebula, even galaxies.
  • Technology-Construct new ones and add on various technology found in the Animorphs universe (keep them plausible, and try to explain how they work).
  • Science-A sub category of technology.
  • Ships-Build the fleets of different races. Again, keep them plausible.
  • Events-Make fan stories about the Animorphs universe in the past and in the future. Put them on pages entitled "Archive.." This is a site were alternate events involving the Animorphs take place. Or, you can stick with the cannon, write about battles, Animorph missions, etc. that K.A. Applegate never included.
  • Language-A complicated endeavor, make the langauge of an alien species.
  • Characters-Make new people for AAU, Vissers, War princes, generals, new Animorphs, etc.

Look at how other articles are set up to help you build your own pages, here is a list of some pages. Additions to this site are being made almost every day.




Elements and minerals AAU.

Ships of Yeerks

Death Screamers

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Here are some of the better reads on this site. Please enjoy.

Book 54 Alternate Ending

The Kelbrid

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The Animorph of the month is the person besides the admin (myself) with the most contributions to this site.



There are a few rules regarding article content and behavior.

  1. Keep things PG-13 or below.
  2. Be nice, no disruptive behaviour, such as messing up sometimes work in progress.
  3. No racist or derogatory comments involving users of this wiki and/or real people.
  4. Ultimately, I as the creator of this wiki have final authority and say on any edits made to this Wiki.

Failure to follow the rules may lead to being temporarily or even permanently blocked from AAU wiki, depending on the situation. In most cases you will be given three warnings, but this may vary depending on the situation.

Happy editing! Leave a message on my talk page if you require assistance. Again, please comment on the articles. Gormagon 23:36, July 1, 2011 (UTC)

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